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» Free Fart Ringtones
──────────────────── FREE FART RINGTONES fresh collection of fart ringtones ──────────────────── Ringtone Fart Factory
Arrived: 2010-07-13
Found under: Entertainment, Humor, ringtone
The first ever failblog video app! Loaded with many videos featuring some of the funniest failblog videos. Simply tap the image and you are directed to a YouTube link of the video! Note, the sides of
Arrived: 2010-07-02
Found under: Entertainment, Humor, Pranks
» The Vegan Soundboard
Are you a vegan? Have vegan friends? Just like to annoy vegans? Well, here's the must-have app for YOU. The ultimate vegan soundboard is packed with 30 phrases carefully chosen to deliver a direct,
Arrived: 2010-07-02
Found under: Lifestyle, Food and Drinks, Humor, Vegan
» Air Horn
An app this easy to make should be free... It's not a World Cup Vuvuzela, but it'll make some noise! v1.0.1 - Added an optional longer air horn. I also compressed & amplified the sound file as
Arrived: 2010-07-02
Found under: Entertainment, Humor, Pranks
» EZ Button
EZ Button is a simple app that simulates the pressing of an EZ Button that plays the simple catch phrase, "that was easy". This is a great app to have around the office, the home, and anywhere else
Arrived: 2010-07-01
Found under: Entertainment, Humor, Pranks, Easy Button
" contains a daily dose of short anecdotes, based on a simple recipe: in a few sentences, users can tell everyone the shitty moment which ruined their day " This app allows you to read the
Arrived: 2010-06-30
Found under: Entertainment, Humor
» Meuh Box
**Update v1.4.0: New feature=>Crazy Golf***Meuh Box is a fun software based on the innovative webOS Accelerometer service. With your friends, during a party or a boring meeting, ... break the ice !
Arrived: 2010-06-29
Found under: Entertainment, Family, Humor
» Spot Diff
Spot Diff is a prank. Just tell a friend to find the difference between the two pictures and wait... Definitely works best with the volume cranked up to the max! It's probably best that you do not
Arrived: 2010-06-28
Found under: Entertainment, Humor, Pranks
» Tiger Woods' Mistresses
Tiger Woods cheated on his wife!!! He shagged all these beautiful women, some of them sexy hostess, some of them playboy playmates, some of them is just his sexy neighbor that he couldn't resist.
Arrived: 2010-06-26
Found under: Entertainment, Humor, Celebrity
» cellBall: Classic
Ever need that little extra something to make a decision about your nuclear facility or your next waxing? If you’re looking for a fun clairvoyant that shouldn’t be taken too seriously, then you
Arrived: 2010-06-25
Found under: Lifestyle, Social, Humor

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