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» The Next HOPE
This is a webOS version of a talks app for The Next HOPE. Brings the schedule for The Next HOPE to the palm of your hand. Allows you to favorite talks so you know where you want to be. The Next
Arrived: 2010-07-13
Found under: Reference, Entertainment, Hobbies
» InConJunction
General itinerary for the crew of the IKS lIywI' for InConJunction 2010. This is NOT the full schedule. The full schedule can be found at
Arrived: 2010-07-02
Found under: Reference, Hobbies
» Moon Info
Available in: English, French, German. Moon Info was written to provide exact calculations of moon phases and lunar details on WebOS. Previous lunar calendars have mostly been inaccurate in
Arrived: 2010-06-29
Found under: Lifestyle, Hobbies
» World Cup Coaches (Keys)
Addictive learning game pits man versus machine. Who's smarter? Search bots find answers. Guess the question. Did the robots show smart clues? Beat the 5 minute timer. Game pack provides the
Arrived: 2010-06-11
Found under: Lifestyle, Social, Hobbies
» H-Doublebay Calculator
H-Doublebay Calculator Program was built to calculate the H-Doublebay antenna that was in the September 1995 CQ magazine that was written by N4PC for 17 meters. The antenna has been used for HF,
Arrived: 2010-06-03
Found under: Reference, Hobbies, Ham Radio, Amateur Radio
» Clicker
Clicker is simple application for counting things, what you want.
Arrived: 2010-05-13
Found under: Lifestyle, Dating, Hobbies
» Free Greeting Card Messages My Valentine
***NEW IN VERSION 2.1.0*** Added 184 Valentine Photo Greeting Cards and 188 Birthday Cards. More greeting cards will be added in the next version ******************************* "Happy Birthday,
Arrived: 2010-04-21
Found under: Lifestyle, Social, Hobbies, greetings
» Amazon Deals
Amazon Deals offers the best deals currently running on Includes lightning deals, deals by category, gold box deals, bestsellers and hot new releases.
Arrived: 2010-04-06
Found under: Lifestyle, Hobbies, Shopping
» Express Horoscopes
Introducing the FREE Express Horoscopes from Handmark®, the first app of it’s kind for the Palm® Pre™. Know what is in store for you today, and what your future holds with your daily
Arrived: 2010-03-15
Found under: Lifestyle, Social, Hobbies, Horoscope
» Board Game Geek Search
Have you ever been at the game store and seen a game you liked but the back of the box was worthless? The BGG Search application will allow you to quickly reference Board Game Geek and find out
Arrived: 2010-02-06
Found under: Reference, Entertainment, Hobbies

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