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» Metronome
This is a simple metronome. It is as accurate as the Pre will allow. If you are unsatisfied with the accuracy, try Airplane Mode. The audio is forced to be the dial-pad tones by Palm. There is no
Arrived: 2010-07-02
Found under: Music, Instruments, Lessons
» Air Horn
An app this easy to make should be free... It's not a World Cup Vuvuzela, but it'll make some noise! v1.0.1 - Added an optional longer air horn. I also compressed & amplified the sound file as
Arrived: 2010-07-02
Found under: Entertainment, Humor, Pranks
» Shopping Manager Demo
This is a free limited demo version. Inspired by the HandyShopper concept, this App truly simplifies and enhances your shopping experience. Easy to use (even with one hand), yet very powerful and
Arrived: 2010-07-02
Found under: Productivity, Utilities, Lists, Shopping
» UberAppCat
## Update: fixed none working query on first start. ### Tired of App-Spam? Can't "separate the wheat from the chaff" in the AppCatalog? Try this one. It might not be the sexiest catalog available but
Arrived: 2010-07-02
Found under: Business, Sales, Advertising
» WebUI for WebOS
WebUI for WebOS allows you to connect to your uTorrent WebUI and view and control your torrents. Torrents can be stopped, resumed, and removed (torrent only or torrent & data), and you can add new
Arrived: 2010-07-02
Found under: Productivity, Utilities, Tools, uTorrent, torrent
» Desi
Find nearest desi points of interest - Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Movies and Temples. Share the point of interest with your friends via email. Easy call and map to destination directions.
Arrived: 2010-07-01
Found under: Lifestyle, Food and Drinks, Social, Indian
» ChicagoAgent-CO
For Realtors, Mortgage Professionals or anyone thinking of buying or selling a home… Let’s be honest, numbers are just a part of Real Estate. Our software puts amazingly accurate good faith
Arrived: 2010-07-01
Found under: Finance, Business
» PreCentral
Keep up with the latest Palm news right on your phone! The new PreCentral app allows you to listen to the latest Palmcast and view the latest headlines from Tapping on the headline
Arrived: 2010-07-01
Found under: News, Current, Breaking, Special Interest, Palm
» LIVE Cricket Score Viewer
Best ever LIVE Cricket score board visualization apps for Touch Divices. Twenty20, IT20, T20 Cricket matches are best viewed in this nifty app which provides near real-time feeds. View recent
Arrived: 2010-07-01
Found under: Sports, News, Events
» HitzRadio
HitzRadio for webOS streams's shoutCAST radio stream right to your Palm Pre or Pixi! The stream is in a high quality, 128Kbps format which helps provide a great listening experience.
Arrived: 2010-07-01
Found under: Music, Radio, Broadcasts

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