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Arrived: 1969-12-31
Found under: ,
» !Bill_Tracker2 v2.0
New and updated! Several years of use and refinements has produced a bill tracking database more powerful than ever before. !Bill_Tracker was originally written because the Palm ToDo appli...
Arrived: 2003-11-19
Found under: Financial, Database
» !Mileage_Minder v2.0
!Mileage Minder allows you to track multiple autos, and filter your entries several ways. Know how much it will cost to drive 100 miles or how many gallons it will take? You'...
Arrived: 2002-06-11
Found under: Travel, Utilities
» "Geek" Graffiti/Statusbar Skin for Clie NR/NX/NZ/TH 2.5
16-bit "Geek" skin for NX/NZ/TH/NR. Includes some NX/NZ/TH landscape versions for Landscape utility.
Arrived: 2005-02-19
Found under: Utilities, Launcher Skins, Backdrops & Icons, Sony Clie Virtual Graffiti Skins,
» $tock Trader beta v1.5d
$tock Trader is an fun game that pits you against the stock market! Make $100,000 in 90 trading days and you're the champ! This is the beta 1.5 release - probably the last one ...
Arrived: 2001-08-12
Found under: Games, Financial
» 'Chat Abbreviations' reference guide v1.0
Chat abbreviations are commonly used in e-mail, online chatting, online discussion forum postings, instant messaging, and in text messaging, especially between cell phone users. For your ...
Arrived: 2004-02-27
Found under: Docs, Reference
» 'Pordic German - English' 1.1
Free German - English dictionary with 15'034 words.
Arrived: 2005-08-10
Found under: Education / Reference, Dictionaries, Translation Software, European, German,
» 'Screen' Calculator v0.1.0
Screen Calculator is presently a fairly simple calculator that allows you to enter expressions in infix notation and see the results. In the near future, it will support named variables, scientific fu...
Arrived: 2006-10-27
Found under: Calculator, Science
» 'Tonic v1.0
Simple little Diatonic Harmonica positions chart, with scales for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd position....
Arrived: 2001-03-08
Found under: Music/Sound, Utilities
Erotic and fetisch photos (Kinoma file)
Arrived: 2003-05-05
Found under: abwaerts, fetisch, photography

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